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Gold Store Buying Tricks Played on You.

Stinky Trick One, this is where they make a super Low Ball offer. If you say yes, then you just sold your Gold for 20, maybe 30 cents on the dollar, Ouch!  It is Best to Know about what your gold is really worth, then minus some overhead, and add a little profit for the store. And, If someone low balls you, best you leave immediately! Just think of all of the people being ripped off daily, by that same "Low Ball Artist" Store!  You can do much better than that Low Ball Sucker Offer.  Don’t be a Low Ball Victim!


Stinky Trick Two, this is where the buyer gives you a Low Ball Offer, then says, “Let me call my Manager”, Something like the old buying a car routine where the salesmen needs to talk with the sales manager. Don’t play the “Let me talk with my Manager Game”, well unless you like getting a low payout offer!


Stinky Trick Three, the gold buyer quickly weighs and tests your gold, but you got No Idea of the Gold’s True Value and they don’t share the information either. Meaning, you’re being set up for a low ball offer. What to do? Just ask straightforward questions and if you don’t get simple and straight answers, well then, I think you know what to do next!


Very Nasty Trick Four, the gold buyer weights in pennyweights also known as DWT, a trick to you make think you are getting more money per unit.  Pennyweights (DWT) are used in professional dealer trade transactions, or dealer to dealer type deals.  However, if a buyer quotes you in pennyweights, (DWT) it’s only being used to fool you.  Grams are much more preferable, since most everyone understand grams. Just ask, “Do you weight in Pennyweights or grams”? If the buyers says Pennyweights, turn around and walk out, you have already heard enough to know, this store isn’t for you.  Don’t play the Pennyweight Game; it’s kind of like Vegas, being that it’s hard to really win!


Note: Now, Some Old Rotten Gold/Silver Buyers will answer “We weight in Grams”, but then use Pennyweights.  So before you even start, ask to check their scale. Make sure you can see the display, and then weight a US Nickel (5 cents), it weights exactly 5 grams. If the weight comes up 3.21, then it is Pennyweights.

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